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Archiving Data in a Multiuser Geodatabase

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  • Format: Web Course
  • Duration: 1 module (2 hours)
  • Price: $32 USD
  • ArcGIS Version: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
  • Authored by Esri

Many organizations are required to maintain a historical record of changes to their GIS data over time. Even if not required, archiving your data is a useful method to preserve a record of feature-level changes, view data snapshots at specific points in time, and visualize and quantify how patterns have evolved over time. This course teaches basic geodatabase archiving concepts that apply to data stored in a versioned multiuser geodatabase.

GIS data managers, specialists, administrators, and others who manage and maintain geographic data stored in a multiuser geodatabase


Completion of Implementing Versioned Workflows in a Multiuser Geodatabase or equivalent knowledge is required.

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