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Getting Started with GIS

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  • Format: Web Course
  • Duration: 1 module (4 hours)
  • Price: Free
  • ArcGIS Version: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4
  • Authored by Esri

If you are curious about what the acronym "GIS" stands for and what a GIS actually is, this course provides the answers. You will be introduced to the basic components of a GIS and some fundamental concepts that underlie the use of a GIS. As you practice working with GIS maps and geographic data, you will learn how a GIS helps people visualize and create information that can be used to make decisions and solve problems.

Individuals who are new to GIS (no prior GIS education or workplace experience with GIS).


Experience with Windows-based software for basic file management and browsing is required.

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I really enjoyed this training. I am unfamiliar with ArcMap, but inherited it with my job, so this is a great way for me to begin learning how to use the software.

Lauren Walter, Indiana