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Getting Started with Hazus-MH 2.0

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  • Format: Web Course
  • Duration: 1 module (3 hours)
  • Price: $32 USD
  • ArcGIS Version: 10.0
  • Authored by Kevin Mickey

This course provides an overview of the capabilities of Hazus-MH, FEMA's loss estimation tool for earthquake, flood, and hurricane wind hazards. You will learn about the history of Hazus, different levels of Hazus analysis, and available Hazus resources and support. You will also learn to install the Hazus-MH software, define a study region (the area of analysis used by Hazus-MH) and begin to explore the basic types of analysis that Hazus-MH can perform. You will also explore the types of information about the social and economic impacts of natural hazards that Hazus-MH can generate.

This course is intended for new Hazus-MH users. Hazus-MH is a tool that is useful to a wide range of audiences including any organization or individual that is responsible for planning how to reduce the losses to life and property that can be caused by flood, earthquake, and hurricane wind hazards.

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