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Turning Data into Information Using ArcGIS 10.0

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This course examines the scientific methods used to derive useful information from spatial data. A companion to the book Geographic Information Systems and Science, Third Edition published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, the course is designed to complement this book and reinforce its concepts through exercises and examples. You will explore GIS theory related to the visualization, measurement, transformation, and optimization of spatial data. An underlying theme that uncertainty is an inherent characteristic of spatial data is thoroughly examined and you will learn how to identify it, measure it, and live with it.

This course is designed for those with a basic or intermediate knowledge of GIS who want to develop the skills associated with creating useful information from spatial data. This course is a companion to the book Geographic Information Systems and Science, Third Edition. The book can be ordered through John Wiley & Sons but is not required to complete the course. Students and GIS professionals alike will find this course provides core skills that will be a beneficial addition to their GIS knowledge base.


Completion of Learning ArcGIS Desktop or equivalent knowledge is required.

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