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Implementing Esri Geoportal Server (10.1)

Esri Geoportal Server is a free and open-source product for implementing local, regional, national, and global spatial data infrastructure (SDI) portals. It provides the framework, discovery tools, services preview, administration, publishing, and resource synchronization modules necessary for a successful geoportal. This course teaches how to install, customize, and use a geoportal using the open-source Esri Geoportal Server. This course is also offered as part of the Esri Geoportal Server Jumpstart Packages available through Esri Professional Services.

View examples of geoportals built using the Esri Geoportal Server technology

  • Technical staff from an Esri business partner, distributor, or distributor business partner who will implement Esri Geoportal Server for end users. After completing the course, Esri business partners, distributors, and distributor business partners may offer implementation services for Esri Geoportal Server.
  • GIS data managers, analysts, specialists, data technicians, database administrators, or others who need to store and manage geospatial resources.


Technical staff:

  • You should have a general understanding of web services (ArcGIS Server services or OGC services such as W*S and CS-W); how to access an Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL database; and how to administer a Windows or UNIX operating system.
  • Experience with XML is recommended for the configuration and customization topics.

End users:

  • You should have a general understanding of what metadata and a geoportal are.
  • Experience creating metadata using ArcCatalog or other tools is recommended.

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