Annual User License

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How It Works

A Virtual Campus Annual User License provides organization-wide access to Virtual Campus web courses for one year at a reduced price. Annual User Licenses are renewable.

Organizations must designate an administrator to issue course access codes to individuals who want to take a web course. The administrator may designate representatives to help issue course access codes. Each time a course access code is issued, the account is debited the retail cost of the selected course.

For more information, see the topics below.

Administrators and Representatives

The administrator is the sole manager of the account, receives an e-mail for each course access code issued, and has the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as a liaison between Esri and students or staff.
  • Request all changes to the Virtual Campus Annual User License account.
  • Designate representatives.
  • Control and secure the master code.
  • Maintain and issue course access codes.

A representative shares the responsibility of issuing course access codes for their organization.

Adding or Removing Representatives

Only the administrator can add or remove a representative. To add or remove a representative, the administrator can contact us with the representative's name and e-mail address.

During renewal, all representatives are cleared from the account. A new list of representatives can be added by request once the account is renewed.

Master Code

Once an account is created, a master code is issued to the administrator. A master code is the "password" to the Annual User License account and expires one year from the date issued. A master code is 8 or 10 characters long, and has a combination of letters and numbers.

Course Access Code

A course access code is issued to the student using the master code. It provides one person with access to a particular online course. A course access code has 14 letters, is unique to a specific course, and can only be used once. When a course access code is used to enroll in a course, it is linked to the individual's Esri Global Account and is not transferable.

Note: Access to the course will expire one year after the code has been issued.

Virtual Campus Dollars

Virtual Campus dollars work like a debit system. Each time a course access code is issued, the retail price of the course will be deducted from the Annual User License account. Virtual Campus dollars can be used only with an Annual User License and cannot be used to purchase other products and services at Esri.

Renewal and Extension

If the license is not renewed or extended after 12 months, the unused Virtual Campus dollars are forfeited.

For purchased Annual User Licenses:
One month prior to expiration, a renewal form will be e-mailed to the administrator. Esri offers two options:

  1. Purchase a new Annual User License. Unused Virtual Campus dollars from the previous account are added to the new account's balance.
  2. Extend the account for one year ($660 fee). The unused Virtual Campus dollars are made available for an additional 12 months.

Annual User Licenses for educational organizations:
An Annual User License included with K-12 and Higher Education software licenses are automatically renewed when the software license maintenance is paid for the following year. The renewal and expiration date of the master code coincide with the start and end date of the site license. Upon renewal of the site license, a new master code will be e-mailed to the administrator.

Annual User Licenses included with a grant or contract will be renewed according to the stipulations in the contract.

Account and Enrollment History Report

The Account and Enrollment History Report provides information on used and available Virtual Campus dollars, and course activity (e.g. course access codes, student names, enrollment dates, and completion dates). This report can be viewed and printed from the course selection page.

The administrator is e-mailed a report on a quarterly basis, as well as when 75% of the Virtual Campus dollars have been used.

Switching Courses

Course access codes issued through a Virtual Campus Annual User License account cannot be exchanged. An unwanted code may either be offered to another user within your organization. Please note that the account will be debited for each code issued.

Evaluation Software

Esri software is required to complete many course exercises. If the required software is not available through your organization or school, you may request evaluation software for the most current version of ArcGIS Desktop.

Registering for a Course
  1. Find a course in the list of courses.
  2. Click the course title to read the description and verify you have the required software.
  3. Request a course access code from the Annual User License administrator.
  4. When you receive the code, go to My Virtual Campus Training.
  5. Login with your Esri Global Account.
  6. Enter your code in the Start a New Web Course box. The course title displays in the Courses in Progress list.
  7. Click the title to start your course.